Solid Quotes in No Particular Order

  • “What is hell? I maintain that it is the suffering of being unable to love” – Dostoevsky
  • Neil is talking about a potential comic book in which there is a Trump like president.  Then Amartya asks what the name of the president is Neil says ,”I don’t know”. Amartya then suggests orange chicken because that’s what he had for lunch that day.
  • A game is going on between you and the nature of things which at the day of judgment will bring out either heads or tails.  – William James on Pascal’s Wager
  • The Christianity that Dawkins objects to is the Christianity that a smart 13-year old boy objects to. – Dr. Jordan B Peterson
  • There is no answer to the problem of life–the solution is the disappearance of the problem. – Ludwig Wittgenstein