As a debut post on this website I wanted to clear a few things up.

So this will function as a disclaimer for all future posts.  

I am not a real economist

I don’t have any real credentials.

I’ve never payed taxes.

I’m barely an adult at the time of writing this.

Don’t expect expert-level writing from me. (Or artwork as you can probably tell by the Microsoft Paint drawing on the right.)

So I will undoubtedly say things that I will later disagree with.  As time goes on, I will try to stay consistent in my thought and not throw random ideas out into cyberspace.  Interestingly enough this ties somewhat into the double purpose of this site.  One to send things out into the world, and the other to organize things internally.  Nothing irks me more than self-contradiction so this should help me self-medicate.

Having said that, I am an economics student (emphasis on student) at George Mason University, and am somewhat learned in the subject myself.  What I want to do with this site is to post various articles of interest to me and hopefully others on about 95% economics and the rest will be other subjects with which I will find an excuse to relate to economics.  I hope to expand to other formats such as podcast or perhaps video, but time will tell.  

One particular article of interest I hope to be reviewing is films, books, TV shows, video games, or any sort of artwork with a narrative.  Crafting a story is essentially the same as crafting a series of economic events, and I’d like to bring an economist’s eye to fictional worlds as it makes them both more relatable and engaging.  

As a final purpose for this post, I pledge to revisit this page one year from now, and reevaluate the site.  Either I last that long, and will have paid for another year’s worth of hosting or I don’t and it doesn’t matter anyway.

One more additional note, the following are all of the people who contributed to the Facebook post I made while trying to craft a name.

Scott Connell
Alex Greene
John Halcovich
Tim Harper
Kate Huangpu
Ara Jizmejian
Josh Kim
William Kocher
Steve Mittleman
Bridget Murray
Isaac Shaw
Peter Shevchenko
Justin Winas
Craig Zimmerman

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4 thoughts on “Disclaimer”

  1. What a riveting post. Economics is a rather complex subject indeed. Might I inquire who assisted you with grammatical errors? I would love to get in contact with that fine maiden!

  2. you know if your ever looking for an interesting fantasy series to write about that occasionally touches on economics the Dagger and the Coin series has some finance and economics throughout since one of the main characters is a banker.

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